Fancy a tour of Julian Fellowes’ Historical Houses in 2013?

Forget the obligatory countdowns that are beginning to surface with regards to how many shopping days until Christmas, etc. The real countdown is that, in the States on PBS, we are exactly 9 weeks from today away from the premiere of the new season of Downton Abbey – (insert a public thank you to all of our friends across the pond who are, as we speak, coming to the end of the current series and have yet to provide spoilers for those of us who haven’t seen yet. We know how hard this is in the Age of Twitter, etc., so, thank you). Hopefully, by the time Downton Abbey 4 rolls around the amount of time between UK and U.S. broadcast will be diminished dramatically. A same day broadcast in both countries would be kind of great, wouldn’t it?

In the meantime, knowing a bit about the subject like he does, ITV has tapped Downton writer/creator, Julian Fellowes to present a 2-part series, Julian Fellowes’ Historical Houses in 2013. “The great houses of Britain have for centuries been the guardians of much of our history, not just of the families who built and lived in them, but of the people who worked there, of the local area, of all of us,” said Fellowes. “Where they have remained in the hands of the original families, the archives are rich in their stories and I have been on the trail of just a few of these.

The series will be produced by Chocolate Media which is owned by NBCUniversal International Television Production and who also owns Carnival Films, the producers of Downton Abbey.

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