The Comic Strip Presents…at Victoria Station

Just when you thought it was safe…The Comic Strip Presents returns

The Comic Strip Presents series first aired in 1982 with ‘Five Go Mad In Dorset’, a brilliant parody of the original Famous Five books. Cast and crew include Comic Strip founder, Peter Richardson, along with The Young Ones alums, Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall and Nigel Planer, in addition to Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French. All regularly recall the significance of the show and what it was like to make, seemingly with a complete disregard for health and safety. The series, which tended to be more a series of specials, put Channel 4 on the map as a source of comedy in the 80’s. Their most recent comedy efforts came in 2011 with the satirical 50s-style film noir spoof ‘The Hunt For Tony Blair’.

Fast forward to 2012 and you have The Comic Strip Presents ‘Five Go To Rehab’ which airs tonight at 9:00pm on UKTV Gold. The video below, which was filmed in London’s Victoria Station last month to promote tonight’s broadcast on UKTV Gold, saw a brass band expertly painted to blend inanimately into the front cover of a giant book which visually mimicked the nostalgic ‘lashings of ginger beer’ style of the original Enid Blyton tales of The Famous Five. Just imagine. People in Victoria Station actually smiling and interacting! This can’t help but be good.

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