Post Hobbit, it's now official! Sherlock 3 confirmed for January 2013 filming

Anytime Mark Gatiss talks Sherlock, I consider it official.

While it has been the subject of intense speculation ever since Sherlock lept from atop St Barts Hospital, it has now been confirmed by stv Entertainment that the third series of Sherlock will begin filming in January 2013. Co-creator/co-writer (and Sherlock’s elder brother, Mycroft), Mark Gatiss, confirmed for all the world to hear recently, ”We start filming in January. It might be more expensive but they both wanted to do it. It’s very exciting.” Obviously, both meaning Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (John Watson). I’m guessing expensive because both actors have, perhaps, the tightest schedules on the planet at the moment given the fact that since series 2 ended, Benedict has done The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, Star Trek Into Darkness and Parade’s End, not to mention finishing up work on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and War Horse. While the bulk of Martin Freeman’s time was spent on the three Hobbit films, he did kind of have an important role in that of Bilbo Baggins.

While probably not a shock to anyone who watched even one of the previous six episodes, Sherlock has been a huge success for both the BBC and PBS in the States, Martin Freeman previously revealed he was shocked at the amount of viewers it managed to pull in, even beating BBC stalwart EastEnders. Cleaning it up a bit, Freeman couldn’t contain his excitement when he commented that, ”…Some of the viewing figures we got with the second series of Sherlock were outrageous. One week, we beat EastEnders, and I’m so proud – not because we beat EastEnders – but I’m just proud that millions, I mean literally millions of people wanted to watch it then. That night, do you know what I mean?”

While it’s probably a bit early to hang the Sherlock 3 broadcast countdown calendar on the wall, I am going to get it ready to put up at a moments notice. Anyone with me?

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  • Super excited!!!! Just got season 2 on bluray. Am going to watch the fall a few times, maybe I’ll catch a clue.

    p.s. Excited for Hobbit and Star Trek 2…and the LEGO LOTR videogame.