Red Dwarf XI? C'mon Dave, you know you want more…

Given some recent comments from creator/writer, Doug Naylor, and several inhabitants of the ‘small rouge one’, it looks like things are leaning decidedly more in favor of another series of Red Dwarf becoming a distinct possibility in the not-too-distant future. Aside from the fact that not only is Naylor keen on making more of the science-fiction comedy classic, but recent days have seen Craig Charles (Lister), Chris Barrie (Rimmer) and Danny John-Jules (Cat) all express a desire to do more. I’m guessing that our favorite Series 4000 mechanoid, Kryten, would be in favor of another opportunity to showcase a bit of fussiness and pomposity. Of course, the fact that RDX averaged 1.5 million viewers for its’ six week run on Dave doesn’t hurt its chances with UKTV either.

Naylor, who recently spoke with Den of Geek as the tenth series was coming to a close, said “…You can never absolutely guarantee it because UKTV have to commission it, the boys all have to want to do it, then there’s the contractual obligations. But in terms of how this series has been received, it’s been very, very positive and the ratings have been terrific.

Judging from the actor’s comments, one can only surmise that the cast had a great time, returning to the series for the first time since 1999 (ok, so I’m still in denial about the existence of the 2009 ‘series’, Red Dwarf: Back to Earth). Charles, who may have to ask for a little more time off from his role of Lloyd Mullaney in Coronation Street, said, “…We’d certainly like to do it. I think they (Dave) want to do it. So it should happen“.

Barrie, however, admitted to a bit of nerves when returning to the series that had such a large cult following. “You don’t want to turn up with something that’s not quite on the mark, and as it’s turned out, I’m really pleased with the way it’s gone down. I think there’s a lot more in the tank“, Barrie said.

And, Danny John-Jules, who I’m come to very much enjoy seeing more recently in the BBC crime drama/comedy, Death in Paradise, which stars Ben Miller, sounded a bit more ‘Cat-like’ in his comments saying, “.…they haven’t seen nothing yet. I know what everyone in this show can do, I know what we’re capable of“.

Don’t know about you, but this is enough for me. Hey, Dave… I see it, the ball is in your court! All the cool kids want to do it….


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