Breaking Abbey, courtesy of the great Colbert Nation

Two Jimmy Kimmel Downton Sixbey spoofs and a Saturday Night Live‘s Spike TV take on Downton Abbey should be enough to declare that the ITV/PBS, Carnival Films production is a bona fide bit of brilliance. Should be… Well, putting his Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on this notion comes the genius that is Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Nation with their own take on the series with Breaking Abbey.

What started as Colbert at his finest ‘calling out’, perhaps, one of the most well-known and visible Downton Abbey fans, Michelle Obama, for not being able to wait like the rest of the States for the January 6 premiere, turned into Colbert providing Colbert Nation followers a glimpse of series 3 by combining the other most talked about series on television, Breaking Bad. Colbert and team, with the help of Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham), Rob James-Collier (Thomas) and Jim Carter (Carson), ponder what life at Downton Abbey might have been like had Lord Grantham resorted to brewing some more ‘modern stuff ‘, or ‘the black chamomile crank’ as Carson calls it, in order to become the ‘tea kingpin of Yorkshire’ and save Downton.

***Warning: strong language is bleeped, but still has content issues for the faint of heart***

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