Dollton Abbey – drama, forbidden love…and penguins, episode 1

In the UK where even though there are only days before the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, there is the knowledge that series 4 is over 9 months away? In the States and still reeling over the fact that there are 3 weeks until the premiere of series 3 of Downton Abbey on PBS? Not to worry. We bring you part one of Dollshouse Downton Abbey, featuring drama, forbidden love…and penguins. Created by 17-year-old schoolgirls Grace Venning and Tanvi Punatar, Dollshouse Downton follows the inhabitants of Dollton Abbey, above and below the stairs and features everything you’ve come to love about the series including opulent period settings and forbidden love. Everything, except people.
Dollshouse Downton episode 1, part 1

Dollshouse Downton episode 1, part 2

Forget Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and The Colbert Report, the real drama continues tomorrow with episode 2 of Dollshouse Downton from Dollton Abbey.

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