DIY brilliance: A Gingerbread Downton Abbey

Trying to figure out how to pass the time until the series 3 premiere of Downton Abbey? I’m guessing that most of the U.S. have had their fill of playing with the Downton Abbey paper doll set. And, you’ve probably seen Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Sixbey, Downton Arbys, the Saturday Night Live re-imagining of Downton as a series on Spike TV and the Downton Abbey/Super Bowl mash-up starring Eli Manning and Tom Brady more than you care to admit.

If that wasn’t enough, Abbey fans worldwide had an answer to their most pressing series question, “If the characters in Downton Abbey were portrayed by canine actors, what breeds would they be?

If you are still in need to a time suck between now and Sunday, 6 January, 2013 and the premiere of Downton Abbey 3, check out one Curtis Jensen. Passing the time trying to avoid series 3 spoilers and not read any social media over the next 10 days, Mr. Jensen creates an entirely edible Yorkshire country estate made out of gingerbread. He cuts and bakes the dough, creates candy window panes, frosting the windows and trim (with royal icing, of course), puts the pieces together with foam core, hooks up lighting and more. This is almost a two weeks effort brilliantly time-lapsed into just under 5 minutes. BTW, I absolutely love the A Christmas Story apron!
Keep in mind, Mr. Jensen is, most likely, a professional on closed roads and you probably shouldn’t try this at home, but give it a shot. You have just about enough time to create this before 9:00pET/8:00pCT on January 6. But, you had better hurry.

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