Being Human 5 to take a bite out of BBC Three schedule on February 3

Depending on your individual definition of ‘normal’, it’s hard to argue with the thought that ‘being human’ is difficult enough for the average everyday person. Imagine just how difficult this task might be if you happen to a vampire, ghost or werewolf. Just ask Hal (Damien Molony), who finds himself tied to a chair in the first episode in an attempt by his flatmates to expedite the process a bit.

You don’t have to imagine much longer as is was just announced that series 5 of BBC Three’s Being Human will transmit in the UK beginning Sunday, 3 February at 10:00pm. No word as of yet of an American broadcast premiere on BBC America but, hopefully, it will follow soon (pay no attention to the American version of Being Human as it pales in comparison to the original British series). Lots of questions are to be answered this season. Here’s where it gets a bit sticky. Will being tied to a chair be enough to help Hal go cold turkey? Can Alex (Kate Bracken), the new apparition on the block, forgive Hal for her untimely death? Might be a bit of a difficult task considering it was Hal who killed Alex at the end of last season when he returned to his blood-drinking ways forcing the chair incident this season.

Being Human started out almost five years ago now as a series that bordered on equal parts comedy and equal parts horror/drama with original stars, Lenora Crichlow (ghost), Russell Tovey (werewolf) and Aidan Turner (vampire). Over the past several years, the series has added new cast members, Michael Socha (Tom the werewolf) and Damien Molony (Hal the vampire), as the original cast began to move on to other ventures such as Turner being cast in that little known Peter Jackson film and Tovey starring in several comedy projects. Sadly, this will be the first series without any of the original three. That aside, the news that the great Phil Davis will be introduced as the new villain, Captain Hatch, is brilliant. Show producers describe Davis’ character by saying, “Hatch embodies the worst in humanity – he’s bitter, manipulative, obsequious and cruel. And beneath his decrepit exterior there lies within him a dark and toxic secret that could rattle your soul with fear.” Ok, so what do you really think? Have to say, I’m so ready for someone that has a bit of Herrick’s evil in him.

While creator/writer Toby Whithouse hasn’t revealed any plot points as of yet, Being Human online executive, Rebecca Denton, had a few series 5 promises saying:, “…Bigger, better, bolder, braver and definitely more terrifying that anything that has come before,” adding that it promised “…to deliver all the laughs and fun of season 4 but with a very definitely new and nasty, chilling edge”.

Ok, it is 3 February yet?

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