Oh, if only Downton Abbey had a Facebook page….

…catching up on episodes would be so easy and life on social media would be suddenly worth the time.

Unfortunately, it will never happen as it would be a bit difficult to install WiFi at Downton given the Dowager Countess’ feelings toward electricity. We all remember her comments that were so late-19th century when she said, “I couldn’t have electricity in the house, I wouldn’t sleep a wink. All those vapors floating about.” Kind of hard to install WiFi without electricity. And, as you now know, it would be just an added expense for Downton that, given their recent need to cut back on expenses and subsequent apparent mismanagement of funds, it might not be something anyone upstairs or downstairs is ready to take on at this time.

Still, it would be just short of brilliant if Downton Abbey were on Facebook, wouldn’t it? Catching up on missed episodes would be way too easy…and, fun. Thanks to the folks over at the appropriately named, Happy Place.com, electricity or not, we can quickly get caught up with the goings on during the first three episodes for series 3 as we all eagerly await episode 4 tomorrow night on PBS’ Masterpiece series.

Downton Abbey on Facebook. Series 3, episodes 1-3 recap

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s episode from series 3 (episode 3). Happy reading. If you’ve missed any episodes from series 3, you can quickly catch up on the arrival of Martha Levinson (episode 1) and then for a quick episode 2 recap, catch up on Lady Edith’s wedding plans…and all that that implies. Can’t wait to check out Facebook next week to see a Downton Abbey status update.


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