Downton Abbey as a Super Nintendo game? Who's in?

And I thought Downton Abbey had achieved the ultimate pop-culture status by virtue of its’ two Jimmy Fallon parody sketches, one Saturday Night Live skit and having it’s own Facebook page. Not so. The program that has taken both sides of the Atlantic by storm through its first three seasons on ITV and PBS has now arrived with the thought that there could be a Downton Abbey Super Nintendo game. Now THAT’s achieving pop-culture status.

As reported by Digital Spy this isn’t reality as of yet, but you have ago start somewhere.

The game’s protagonist is a new footman at the manor, who must complete tasks including collecting missing cigars for a dinner party, fluffing pillows and setting the dinner table.

Mary Crawley asks the lead character to spy on Mrs Patmore, whom she suspects is trying to poison her husband Matthew with her cooking, and butler Mr Carson serves as a means of saving progress.

The graphics were lifted from the 1995 survival-horror game Clock Tower and the SNES version of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. As you can see, while it’s in the early trailer only stage, it could happen. Is it bad to immediately think “I would so play this”? What better way to pass the time between the upcoming series 3 finale and the start of series 4 this Fall in the UK and January 2014 in the States?

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