Downton Abbey 3, episode 5 Facebook recap

Believe it or not, it has been almost a full 24 hours since we last visited the Crawley family and those beneath the stairs that serve them. Given the fact that, most likely, the traumatic events of episode 4 took quite a toll on the worldwide fanbase, I thought it best to wait a bit to offer any re-cap of last weeks episode 5. We’re starting to come to the end of series 3 so I thought it would be best to catch you up quickly rather than have you read any spoilers in the tabloid racks in the supermarket checkout line.

If you HAVE NOT seen episode 4 yet and find yourself unaware of the tragic events that occurred at Downton, DO NOT read Lord Granthams status update. You’ll thank me later after you see the episode.

For those needing a quick series 3 recap prior to this coming Sunday’s next to last bit of drama greatness, you can find an episode 4 recap here, then episode 3, episode 2 and, finally, the first episode from series 3 of Downton Abbey.

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