Nothing screams Valentine's Day like a bit of Downton Abbey "I love you'….

Thanks to the Internets, we’ve been able to see the extent to which Downton Abbey fans will go on a worldwide basis to showcase their creativity and shout from the rooftops their fondness for ‘all-things Downton’. We’ve seen a DIY video on making your very own Downton Abbey gingerbread house, more parody sketches than the law allows and instruction on how to own your own Dowager Countess paper doll set (with several different expressions). Now, appropriately, given the time of year, comes an opportunity to get your very own Valentines-Day themed Downton Abbey cards. After the last couple of episodes, I’m would have bet money that Lord Grantham wouldn’t be getting one of these from Lady Cora any time soon, but time heals all wounds this time of year.

Valentine Abbey

Cartoonist Chad Thomas has created the perfect set of Valentines cards for the Downton Abbey fan in your life to show just how much they mean to you. As Chad tells the story on his website, he and his wife are big fans of the Masterpiece series and they just couldn’t get enough of the series like most of the U.S. at this point.

As is the case with most of the Internets, all four of these brilliant cards are available for download for free on Chad’s site but you do have the opportunity to donate to the cause should you feel so inclined to do so to say thank you and encourage more creativity. You can see more of Chad’s creativity at his website. In case you haven’t found that perfect Valentine’s Day card yet, how about this as a possibility….

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