More Case Histories in 2013. Life is good.

Without question, the recent talk-of-the-nation gems from PBS’ Masterpiece series have been Downton Abbey and Sherlock. One short 3-part series that flew under the Downton/Sherlock radar, however, has gained quite a following since its premiere back in 2011. Case Histories, adapted from the brilliant mind palace of Kate Atkinson, features Jackson Brodie, a private investigator who attempts to unravel disparate ‘case histories’ in modern-day Edinburgh.

Filmed on location in Edinburgh, series two has just completed filming and will transmit on BBC One in 2013 with, hopefully, a PBS Masterpiece broadcast in the States not long after. Fans of the original series will remember the intriguing soundtrack that accompanied the series. Atkinson has always felt that Brodie’s complex and compulsive nature was tailor-made for a haunting playlist of mournful American country singers that ran throughout both her books and the series.

On reprising his role as Brodie, Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets, The Patriot) said: “I can’t wait to put on the crumpled, witty, self-destructive, noble and naughty skin of Jackson Brodie again and dive into the unique flavor of Kate Atkinson’s worlds. Nobody connects the past with the present and the absurd with the heart-wrenching like she does and we all feel excited and lucky to bring another bunch of stories of damage and delight to the screen.” Brodie, a former soldier and policeman, mixes a tough-guy exterior with a deeply empathetic heart. He’s unable to resist coming to the rescue and is a magnet for the bereaved, the lost and the dysfunctional.

The first episode of series two is written by Peter Harness (Wallander) and adapted from Atkinson’s novel ‘Started Early, Took My Dog’. Victoria Wood, the celebrated stand-up comic and writer, joins the returning cast members, Amanda Abbington (Being Human), Millie Innes (Single Father) and Zawe Ashton (Misfits) for the first episode of series two alongside Isaac. Asked about her upcoming role in Case Histories, Wood said: “…I am a huge fan of Kate Atkinson and couldn’t resist the chance to be involved in Case Histories“.

For those needing a bit of a Case Histories refresher or if you’re just being introduced to Jackson Brodie, here’s the trailer to series one so you know what you’re in for when series two rolls around in the coming months. Enjoy….and then go get the soundtrack.

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