As Downton Abbey comes to a close for this year, Downton Sixbey lives on!

Leave it to the greatness of Jimmy Fallon to turn to humor when the entire U.S. is still reeling from Sunday nights mind-numbing series 3 finale of Downton Abbey. While a collective ‘WHY’ was heard from Los Angeles to New York and all points in-between last night, the residents of Downton Sixbey are dealing with their own issues including the realization of that hard times are ahead due to the mis-management of Downton and then hearing the news that Questlove is back as the heir to Downton Abbey.

Downton Sixbey episode 3


In the next installment of Downton Sixbey, as everyone prepares for a wedding, Higgins is forced to dispel rumors that are running rampant through Downton Sixbey and reveal his complicated past to the family. While Higgens is brilliant, Brooke Shields as Lady Nora is priceless. Hopefully, with these 14+ minutes of greatness from Jimmy Fallon, you have forgotten for at least a few moments last nights ending to series 3 of Downton Abbey. Watch as often as you see fit. Unfortunately, it’s a long time until January 5, 2014 and the premiere of series 4 on PBS.

Downton Sixbey episode 4

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