Off to the land of the Fab Four for BBC Showcase 2013

As you lay comfortably in your bed this evening, Tellyspotting is off to Liverpool for the BBC Showcase 2013. For those that have been with us for awhile, you’ll remember that the BBC Showcase is the annual gathering of television program executives from around the world who ‘lock themselves in a convention center’ for 5 days and screen the best television on television from the BBC. In recent years, series such as MI5, Hustle, Sherlock, The Office and others have been ‘discovered’ at this meeting and we were able to bring back to the States for broadcast on public television.

‘BT’ (before Tellyspotting), the BBC Showcase was held in Brighton for some 20+ years. We left Brighton last years and headed north to Liverpool and the land of the Beatles. In those early years, convention attendees had the advance opportunity to see the early days of the likes of Keeping Up Appearances, Vicar of Dibley and Coupling to name a few.

So…as we make the trek across the pond this week, Tellyspotting will report back all week on what is new and what’s coming your way on both sides of the pond in the not too distant future. Highlight of the week will be the dinner that centers around the Doctor Who 50th anniversary plans. Will definitely let my eyes be like a camera and take pictures to post for everyone.

See everyone on the other side!

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