Downton Abbey adds to cast as series 4 production ramps up

As we bid a fond and tearful farewell to Liverpool and the 2013 BBC Showcase, we’ll have more sneak peaks in the coming days of the 2013-2014 program pipeline that were screened over the past week. But, we must shift gears for a moment and talk about everyone’s telly obsession, Downton Abbey, which airs on ITV in the UK and PBS in the U.S.

Even though we are still months away from an Autumn broadcast on ITV1 and a January 2014 broadcast on PBS for series 4, the cast is assembling as we speak and production is set to begin on 23 March. Broadcast may be a long way off, but won’t prevent us from talking about ‘everything Downton’ at every waking moment to stave off any separation anxiety that may set in over the next few months.

According to an article we saw in The Sun this week while in Liverpool, the show is currently rounding out it’s cast for series 4. The three most recent cast additions are as follows:

  •  musician Jack Ross, who is described as “…male, 25-30. A musician (singer) at an exclusive club in the 20s. He’s black and very handsome. A real man (not a boy) with charm and charisma. The casting notice adds that the actor should ‘ideally be able to sing brilliantly’ and that overall he should be ‘very attractive’ with ‘a certain wow factor.
  • Producers have also put in a casting call for ‘Lady Mary’s new love interest. The character is called ‘Lord Anthony Gillingham’ and is described as 35 to 45 years old, ‘good looking, very charismatic,’ sporting a ‘perfect cut glass accent.’ He’s ‘warm and charming, but also a strong man with morals.’ The casting notice also says he’ll be helping the family with their money woes. (Personally, sounds a bit like Matthew to me). Contrary to early reports last week, this will not be Tom Ellis (Miranda).
  • The third character listed is ‘Sir John Bullock’, who ‘must be able to act drunk.’ Not sure how he will exactly fit into the goings on at Downton but it should makes things fun for a few months.

So, let the games begin. No word yet on the possibility of seeing some more Martha Levinson  greatness in season 4. Any thoughts as to who you’d like to see in any of these three roles? Taalk amongst yourselves.

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