Quintessentially English, Father Brown renewed for second series by BBC

One of the major dramatic highlights of BBC Showcase in Liverpool this year was Father Brown. Based on the short stories by G.K. Chesterton, series one will see the light of day in the States on public television in 2014. The highly successful first series of 10 programs, starring Mark Williams (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, centers around a very kindly Catholic priest who solves crimes in his rural little village where more goes on that anyone can ever imagine. It’s Jessica Fletcher with a clerical collar.

Interestingly, it’s years of hearing parishioners’ confessions htat have given Father Brown an uncanny ability to grasp teh origins of evil and understanding the the workings of the criminal mind. Couple that with a his penchant for using intuition and psychology, there isn’t a crime that goes unsolved.

As the 2013 BBC Showcase came to a close on Thursday, the BBC announced the brilliant news that Father Brown had been commissioned for a second series of 10 programs that will begin filming in late May in the Cotswolds. Both Mark Williams and Sorcha Cusack will return for series two. Look for Father Brown to come to a public television station near you in 2014. Like Downton Abbey and Sherlock, it will be well worth the wait.


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