Red Nose Day reunites Vicar of Dibley in fight for equality in the Church….

One constant in life (even though it’s every two years) is the brilliance of Red Nose Day, the BBC’s centerpiece of Comic Relief efforts which started as an idea from the brilliant minds of Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry. Viewers in the UK have been the beneficiary of spoof sketches such as Uptown Downstairs Abbey, Blackadder: The Cavalier Years and Prime Cracker with Helen Mirren and Robbie Coltrane.

Not to be denied after 25 years, it looks as though the mind of Richard Curtis is once again in genius mode as he brings a new Vicar of Dibley ‘mini-sode’ to the table in tonight’s Red Nose Day broadcast on BBC One. Homeland actor Damien Lewis stars alongside all the familiar faces from the Dibley town council including Roger Lloyd-Pack, James Fleet, Gary Waldhorn, Trevor Peacock and John Bluthal.

In advance of tonight’s broadcast, Dawn French had a warning for viewers: “Viewers should watch this sketch because it’s the first time we’ve been together for ages, so everyone can witness the rapid deterioration of us all. Since we last saw the Vicar and her parish members, the astonishing and shocking amount of decay is alarming,”.

Tonight’s Red Nose Day one-off reunion sees Geraldine and her parishioners heading to London on a mission. “I don’t want to give too much away about the sketch, but the Vicar heads up the fight for equality in church law,” said French.

Should any UK Tellyspotting readers get the urge to put a link up to the VOD mini-episode, I would be forever grateful and look for something fabulous to send you in return. Cheers.

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  • not to sound like a teenager but….OMG!!! please I hope too that a UK reader will provide a link. I too will be forever grateful although all I could send is my undying love.

  • chattypatra

    Here you go. It is not the best quality but it still lets us enjoy the show. Enjoy!