Sherlock getting the band back together TODAY!

With the best news this side of Benedict Cumberbatch’s recent leak that both he and co-star, Martin Freeman, have signed up for Sherlock 4 – filming on Sherlock 3 starts TODAY. With all eyes on the most famous address save for maybe 10 Downing Street, the door to 221B Baker Street is open for business.

Sherlock production designer Arwel Wyn Jones has kindly shared a new panoramic view of the interior of 221B Baker Street, which shows John and Sherlock’s rooms starting to look like their old selves again.

Click on the Radio Times link to see Jones’ panoramic view and, using your cursor, you can immediately see that ‘starting to look like their old selves again’ means a desk covered in clutter and plenty more intriguing props, familiar and not-so-familiar. Now if Jones would just give us a hint as to how Sherlock survives his rooftop plunge from St Barts, we’d be in business.

In other Sherlock 3 news, confirmed recently that Jeremy Lovering will direct the first episode of the new Sherlock season. Paul McGuigan, who brilliantly directed four of the first six 90-minute episodes will not return for the new season. McGuigan commented via Twitter recently: #sherlock has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my working life as a director but now I have a movie to make…so stay tuned x“. The ‘movie to make’ is Frankenstein, 20th Century Fox’s revamp of the Mary Shelley classic novel that has Daniel Radcliffe in talks, and is also working with Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, on The Man Who, which is about the life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

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