The prequel to Doctor Who 7.2 – what happens before the WiFi goes bad?

It seems that twice, now, there was this girl named Clara Oswald, who shared an adventure with The Doctor. And twice that same girl died, several galaxies and centuries apart. It has been a bit since we last saw The Doctor and curious minds everywhere want to know what the Time Lord has been up to since he last saw Clara at the end of the Christmas special, ‘The Snowmen’. Enter show runner, Steven Moffat, who has created this prequel to the long-awaited return of Doctor Who on Saturday, 30 March, on BBC One and BBC America.

Taking a break on Earth and more than a bit despondent that he can’t find Clara, whom he has lost twice now, The Doctor stops off to have a go on the swings in a children’s playground. He meets a new friend and pours his heart out to a young girl about the friend he has ‘lost’. His new found friend gives him some pretty good advice.

Shame he didn’t think to ask her name…

Fear not, in Saturdays ‘Bells of Saint John’ return, The Doctor is reunited with the mysterious Clara Oswald, where they discover what happens when Wi-Fi goes bad…FYI, it isn’t pretty, but it’s brilliant.

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