Alan Partridge is…Alpha Papa!

It’s been far too long since the end of Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital radio. Some of you might remember Alan’s brilliant stint as a disc jockey on North Norfolk Digital, following the failure of his television career which, many think, peaked in the 90’s with his chat show, Knowing Me Knowing You.

Now comes Alan Partridge’s long awaited big-screen adventure, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, a Die Hard-like hostage thriller that sees North Norfolk Digital’s finest facing off against a fellow DJ gone postal….could it be Side-kick Simon?

We’re putting him into a situation,” says Steve Coogan, who created the Alan Partridge persona along with The Thick of It and Veep creator, Armando Iannucci. “We had to make it filmic without throwing away the DNA that makes him Alan-like. So we kicked around a lot of ideas and ended up with something that’s a bit Dog Day Afternoon and a bit Network. There is a threat level.

The notion of Alan being caught up in a hostage situation is outlandish, but how it happens is perfectly believable,” says director Declan Lowney, veteran of Father Ted. “Steve strives for stuff to be real, even with all the gags. That said, there’s quite a bit of action. We’ve got violence, guns and heavy kissing.

Look for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa at a big screen near you later this summer beginning 7 August. After all the supposed summer movie ‘blockbuster’s’ come and go, what better way to close out the summer than with true big screen brilliance. Can’t wait to see how Partridge defends Norfolk’s Nakatomi Plaza.

Until then, enjoy a bit of Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters

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