Sunday's a great night for drama on PBS as Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge set to premiere!

With Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, Sherlock, Inspector Lewis, Call the Midwife, Endeavour, Great Expectations, Birdsong and Wallander, PBS is, without question, your home for the best drama on television. This coming Sunday night is certainly no exception. Having had the benefit of seeing both series in their entirety already, you do not want to miss either of them.

Call the Midwife returns for season 2

Written by Heidi Thomas and based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife returns as Nonnatus House opens its doors for more births, babies and bicycling beginning Sunday at 7:00pCT/8:00pm ET on PBS.

Mr. Selfridge starring Jeremy Piven on PBS’ Masterpiece

Following Call the Midwife on Sunday night at 8:00pCT/9:00pET is Mr. Selfridge, part of PBS’ Masterpiece series. Jeremy Piven stars as Harry Gordon Selfridge, the man who set out to make ‘shopping as good as sex’ when he opened Selfridge’s in 1909. Retail had never seen the likes of a man like Selfridge. He wanted the merchandise out on the counter for shoppers to browse even if they didn’t buy. Most stores at the time were reminiscent of Grace Brothers Department Store who employed a floorwalker whose main purpose was to eject members of the public who were perceived to be browsing rather than buying. Selfridges even had a restaurant, for heaven’s sake!

For those keeping score at home, series 2 of Mr. Selfridge begins filming in April of this year with a third series in the pipeline. The monumental audience success of Call the Midwife has the BBC commissioning both a Christmas special and eight new episodes for series 3 set to air in 2014. At this point, all that is known about for series 3 is that it’s 1959 and the eve of the swinging Sixties. The winds of change are sweeping through the country and the residents of Nonnatus House face some momentous changes of their own. Definitely should be one to clear some space on the DVR for….

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