How can you possibly put a pricetag on Fawlty Towers?

Ok, maybe the TARDIS was a bit pricey. But, have you ever wanted to abandon the rat race and chuck it all to buy (and run) a cozy little B & B with a view? Worked for Bob Newhart years ago, why not you?

More from the real estate bloggers over at Movoto (based on an idea from Andrew Liszewski at Gizmodo) where they have found a way to combine their fondness for British television with their periodic down time during the work day. This time they attempt to put a price tag on what has to be the most recognizable fictional hotel on the planet, Fawlty Towers. While the hotel that the series was loosely based on, the Hotel Gleneagles, is now a Best Western in Torquay, the method of determining the actual asking price was the well-known, amongst real estate folks at least, Comparison Model which compares hotels in the area to determine the cost of $/room. The much easier but highly questionable Mini-Fridge Method of determining what a hotel charges for a can of Coke and multiplying by $10,000 was abandoned when it was discovered that The Gleneagles Hotel doesn’t sell Cokes. Go figure.

First up – assign a value to the location, which is the primary selling point for most, if not all, property. How can you possibly put a price tag on the English Riviera? Second, revenue potential. With 26 rooms in total, 22 to those lovely seaside guests such as the Major, Miss Tibbs and Miss Gatsby and 4 reserved for ‘staff’, asking price was calculated based on potential occupancy of the 22 bookable rooms. Based on similar hotel listings in the Torquay/Buckinghamshire area, the average per room cost is approximately $46,000. So, doing simple math, to acquire the iconic Fawlty Towers will cost you only $9,942,000. Sounds like a lot, but a far cry from the $2.58+ billion that the TARDIS would cost.

Up tomorrow, if you’re wanting something in-between your dream B&B and the ultimate time machine/spacecraft, maybe putting in an offer for Downton Abbey will be more to your liking.

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