Spare $400 million? Think about buying Downton Abbey!

If you’re in the market for a new home and you’re not interested in downsizing, have I got a deal for you. Maybe the TARDIS is a bit out of your price range at a mere $25 billion and Fawlty Towers is not top of mind given you’re looking for a house, not a job, have you ever thought about buying Downton Abbey? Even though Matthew decided to free up funds from a previous ‘relationship’ to secure the future of Downton, that’s not to say if the right offer came the Grantham’s way, they wouldn’t listen. FYI, looks like it’s been on the market since February 2013 so they might entertain a counter-offer….

As with both their TARDIS and Fawlty Towers listings, those crazy real estate bloggers over at Movoto have decided to speculate on just what Downton would look like from a listing standpoint had Matthew’s generosity not happened and Lord Grantham would have been forced to sell. Of particular note, even though it was built in 1878, it has been updated since with both telephones and electricity so it’s well worth giving it a look.

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