Unlocking your artistic Sherlock mind palace…

There are times that social media can be a wonderful thing. Besides Twitter, Tumblr can be particularly addictive. Take the Let’s Draw Sherlock tumblr page dedicated to organizing creative group projects about Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to Sherlockology, we were able to quickly sift through the hundreds, if not thousands, of entries so far and bring you what has to be one of the best so far from Consulting Piskies, a brilliant piece based on Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Once you begin to dig your way through some of the other submissions, you’ll quickly see that the current challenge is to reinterpret famous works.

Time for you to unlock the inner artist and submit something from your own artistic Sherlock mind palace. The rules are quite simple. According to the organizers, choose a famous image be it artwork, photograph, or sculpture, and then reinterpret it as Sherlock. You can draw a picture, sculpt, cosplay, photo manip, pretty much any medium you are comfortable with. Deadline is 3 June.

Just in case you don’t remember Hopper’s most famous painting from 1942 from which ‘consulting piskies’ drew upon….

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