Case Histories returns to BBC One this Sunday, 19 May

The excrutiatingly long wait for the return of Case Histories ends this Sunday, 19 May as BBC One has set the transmission date for the premiere. Jason Isaacs, probably best known for his role as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, is back as the dashing, yet troubled private investigator, Jackson Brodie, with three new 90-minute cold cases based on the novels by Kate Atkinson. Even though Isaacs is about 18 months removed from the role since filming ended on series one, he relishes the thought of jumping back into Isaac’s tough-guy exterior who possesses a deeply empathetic heart who never resists the temptation to ‘come to the rescue’ along with some significant emotional scar tissue.

Jason Isaacs reprises Jackson Brodie role for BBC One's Case HistoriesHe seems to be everything a women would want in a man, including how horribly messed up he is,” says Isaacs.”He’s one of those guys who women think they should be able to save. They don’t really want him – if they actually came across someone like Jackson it would be a nightmare. He’s a fantasy figure.

It’s been just this side of two years since series one transmitted in the UK. At that time, Brodie finally had seemed to be coming to terms with the childhood death of his sister. He was resigned to the fact his young daughter and estranged wife were moving to the other side of the world. Romance was blossoming with DC Louise Munroe, played by Amanda Abbington. Or so it seemed.

While very little is known about the storylines for series 2 other than Victoria Wood will join the cast for the first story, which is adapted from Atkinson’s novel ‘Started Early, Took My Dog’, let’s hope that producers keep the hauntingly great soundtrack as an integral part of Isaac’s life. No word yet as to a possible broadcast premiere on PBS in the States, but as soon as we know something, you’ll be the first to read it here…

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