Team Coco's take on Downton Abbey 3 finale

It’s been awhile since we’ve mentioned the series that cannot be named when on hiatus. You know, the series that has now been officially tagged as the highest rated PBS drama of all-time and the network’s most-watched series in more than 20 years. Admittedly, Downton Abbey 3 has been in our collective rear view mirror’s for some time, but it is definitely not forgotten. There are too many calendar reminders on too many refrigerators across the U.S. with the date January 5, 2014 circled in red to for that to happen.

As much as humanly possible, fans of Downton Abbey have tried as best they could to put the tragic season finale of series 3 into the deep recesses of their individual mind palaces since that fateful day of 25 December when ITV1 transmitted in the UK and February 17 in the US with the PBS Masterpiece broadcast.

Leave it to TeamCoco to get us through the dark times

Not long after the series 3 finale, Conan O’Brien took things to the next level by sharing his own, exclusive, never-before-seen clip from the PBS drama. Like 99.9% of the viewers of the series, he didn’t see this coming. For Downton Abbey detractors who say the series doesn’t have enough action, think again…and get ready for series 4 in September 2013 in the UK and January 2014 in the U.S.

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