Case Histories 'scores' again with top notch soundtrack for ep 3

Time, once again, to top off that iTunes gift card you’ve been holding on to just waiting for the right playlist to come along…trust me. Enter, Case Histories 2.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that the current set of Case Histories with Jason Isaacs has come to a close with Sundays transmission of the final episode of series 2 on BBC One. The good news, however, is that it was again abundantly clear on Sunday night that the same importance of music was been placed on series 2 as it was in series 1. As with the first two episodes, we are immediately sucked into a brilliant soundtrack as Jackson Brodie, the ex-cop from Yorkshire, jogs across the hills overlooking Edinburgh, listening to mournful American country singers and mulling over his tangled life.

For those asking about the playlist for Sundays final episode, once again, a huge tip of the hat to Michael Winter, Production Executive with Ruby Films and TV, the producers of Case Histories, for supplying us with the commercial tracks for each episode in the series.
Case Histories S2 E3 soundtrack from Ruby Film and TV

Of note, to me, was the use of “Three Chords and the Truth” by Canadian singer/songwriter Lynn Miles towards the end of Sundays episode. Brilliant. For those not familiar with the song, here it is performed by Miles at Threadgills in Austin, TX during the 2010 SXSW Festival. Enjoy.

For those with a loaded iTunes card, here again is the playlist for the first two episodes from series 2 of Case Histories.

Case Histories S2 Ep1
Case Histories S2 E1 soundtrack from Ruby Film and TV

Case Histories S2 Ep2
Case Histories S2 E2 soundtrack from Ruby Film and TV

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