Mark your calendars! It's the 2013 Shed of the Year competition.

Over the past year, we’ve seen TARDIS cat houses, TARDIS refrigerators and TARDIS designed houses. The latest in TARDIS creations is David Lifton’s shed in Little Benton, Newcastle. Now comes the moment you’ve been waiting for. The entries for the Shed of the Year competition are in and your favorite time traveling police box is amongst the finalists.

Each year in the UK, the Shed of the Year contest trumpets the UK’s love of garden hideaways. The shed holds a very special place in the hearts of the British people everywhere. So much so, research shows that the average Brit spends 72 hours a year, or five months of their lives, in their sheds. Loved by writers, musicians, inventors and, in some cases actually, gardeners, it has long been a place with a charge to stimulate the creative juices.

Novelist Philip Pullman, poet Dylan Thomas, and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters are among those indebted to these humble, cobwebbed sanctuaries for producing some of their works. Arthur Miller specifically constructed one in his Connecticut garden just to write Death of a Salesman, his most famous play.

The 2013 winner has a lot to live up to given the 2012 winner. Turned into a fully-functioning pub, ‘Woodhenge’, the 2012 winner, is the creation of John Plumridge, and contains 500 ales and 150 ciders. It beat 2,000 other entries to win the contest.
Woodhenge. 2012 Shed of the Year winner

So you don’t peak too early with anticipation, know that the overall winner will be announced during Shed Week on July 1. Judges include television presenter Sarah Beeny and designer Kevin McCloud, with the overall winner of the title and £1,000 being announced during…where else – ‘national shed week’. You can see all the finalists here. Any thoughts as to who you think should be the 2013 winner?

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