Inspector Lewis set for final run at making Oxford safe

Robert ‘Robbie’ Lewis was first introduced in 1987 as Detective Inspector Endeavour Morse’s sergeant during the iconic Inspector Morse series. Inspector Lewis, the spin-off series starring Kevin Whatley reprising his role, which premiered in 2006, had Lewis promoted to Detective Inspector Morse and paired with DS Hathaway.

Unfortunately, today is the day we all knew was coming but it still doesn’t make it any easier. Tonight’s Masterpiece Mystery! premiere on PBS of Inspector Lewis will be the first of the final three cases, all set in the seemingly perfect academic haven of Oxford, for both Lewis (Kevin Whatley) and partner, Detective Sergeant Hathaway (Laurence Fox), the Cambridge-educated man who joined the police after giving up training for the priesthood.

In tonight’s episode, “Down Among the Fearful”, a psychic is found murdered and Inspector Lewis and D.S. Hathaway discover that the victim is really an Oxford psychology research fellow. As they probe further, the truth behind the psychic’s double-life unravels, revealing numerous possible suspects.

Following tonight’s premiere episode, “Down Among the Fearful”, will be “Ramblin’ Boy” on June 23 and “Intelligent Design” on June 30. ***FYI, viewers on KERA-TV in North Texas can see tonights episode at 7:00pm on June 23 followed by episode two at 8:30pm. The final episode will air on Sunday, June 30 at 8:00pm.***

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