Fancy being in the IT Crowd finale?

As we all off-the charts aware, there will be an IT Crowd Special finale. In case there is any doubt, The IT Crowd creator, Graham Linehan posted Vine videos relating to characters Roy (Chris O’Dowd), Moss (Richard Ayoade), Jen (Katherine Parkinson) along with the studio audience and crew, as part of the build-up to the long-awaited one-off special. You can see them here courtesy of the folks over at Digital Spy.

That said, this is so totally the moment you have been waiting for since the last moment you’ve been waiting for. The chance to hang with Roy, Moss, Jen and Douglas one last time in the corridors of Reynholm Industries for the IT Crowd finale. Ok, not really, but do you have a chance to be ‘in’ the finale when you submit a photo or video of yourself that might be actually used in the final episode. It just so happens that the producers NEED people to be in the IT Crowd Special. Submissions MUST be emailed to by 25th June 2013…that’s ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, just FYI.

Submissions should be photos or a video of you reacting to seeing an OUTRAGEOUS video on your phone or laptop. It would be really good if the photo can show a famous landmark in the background. Visiting the Eiffel Tower/North Pole/Great Wall of China? Take a snap of yourself pretending to look at something really gross on your device with the landmark in the background and BOOM! you’re in (with a very good chance of being in) the show.

Due to broadcasting regulations the producers need to be stringent about a few things, so here are the boring but necessary rules:

  • Stills photos need to be taken on a 10MP camera or higher; or moving footage of no more than 15 seconds at resolution of 1920x1080pixels, higher resolution would be a bonus [size to range from 2MB-6MB depending on compression]
  • Don’t include any logos or brands – cover them up or reframe the picture, this includes the makes/models of your laptop or phone
  • Don’t have anyone in the frame that hasn’t given you personal consent to use their image or that you can’t identify and give the full details of to us
  • Don’t include any artwork on walls, book covers etc as we won’t be able to seek permission to use the copyright
  • Don’t include any music (again, we won’t be able to clear it)

Remember, the video is OUTRAGEOUS. Not gross, really, but shocking.

Oh, yeah, one more thing, as Linehan cautions. “We have no money left so EXPECT VERY LITTLE REMUNERATION, POSSIBLY (DEFINITELY) EVEN AS LITTLE AS NONE *“. FYI, in case you can’t read the small print that accompanies the asterisk (*) that further emphasizes the point, it says: “That’s definitely. You will not be paid. There is no money“.

And, now….the fine, fine, small print direct from Linehan’s website….

The IT Crowd Special Terms & Conditions for Submission of User Generated Content. Don’t worry, there are only 15 terms & conditions to adhere to as you submit your photo.

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