Series 4000 mechanoid, Kryten 2X4B – 523P, sends message from Red Dwarf

Monday evening’s preview screening, which leads up to this coming Saturdays U.S. broadcast premiere of Red Dwarf X on KERA TV in Dallas/Fort Worth, is receiving worldwide attention of epic proportion. Putting it all together would not have been possible without the herculean efforts of a number of individuals who, unfortunately, happened to be about 5000 miles away from the Studio Movie Grill in Dallas Monday night.

First, a big debt of gratitude goes out to Doug Naylor, co-creator of Red Dwarf for his tireless efforts over the last year and a half working with KERA to make this U.S. premiere possible. Thanks, also, to Seb Patrick, the official mind who oversees the official website of Red Dwarf for an absolutely brilliant write up about the event and the U.S. premiere on KERA. And, finally, thanks to everyone’s favorite Series 4000 mechanoid, Robert Llewellyn who, together with Richard Naylor, co-producer of Red Dwarf X, put together this very special message direct from a wayward mining vessel owned by the Jupiter Mining Corporation to all the North Texas smegheads in attendance on Monday.

At that point it was time for what everyone came for…the big screen preview premiere of “Trojan”, the first episode of Red Dwarf X. Needless to say, a good time way had by all with the studio laugh track consistently drowned out by those in attendance for the episodes entire duration of 31:46. Now come the huge tip of the hat to all who attended, some who even traveled from as far away as Tyler (96.9 miles from Dallas according to Google Maps) to spend the evening with KERA and Red Dwarf. Thank you so much!

Oh, no. Here comes the pledge pitch. You knew this was coming…

Programs like Red Dwarf and all the British comedies don’t magically appear on public television stations around the U.S. They are there because of the continued voluntary financial support of fans just like all those in attendance on Monday and those who were unable to attend. I know I can speak for all my colleagues at the over 300 public television stations around the U.S. when I say thank you for watching and supporting the shows you can’t live without on your local PBS station….like Red Dwarf, of course.

Now, if you are in the North Texas area, tell everyone you meet between now and Saturday to tune in to the U.S. broadcast premiere of Red Dwarf X on KERA beginning this Saturday at 10:00pm. Look for RDX to make its way across the U.S. on public television stations beginning in 2014.

With that, to quote Kryten…bye, bye.

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