Sherlock takes over Comic-Con 2013!

As if any of us need another reason to want to be in San Diego. Somehow, however, Comic-Con 2013 trumps the traditional San Diego weather forecast of a low of 71/high of 72 as being THE reason to be there this week. If any of us needed more of a reason to be jealous of those in attendance this year, attendees of Thursday’s Sherlock panel were treated to exclusive footage from series three of, without question, the reason why television was invented.
Sherlock panel SDCC2013

***Warning: Upcoming Sherlock 3 SPOILER ALERT***

Coming up after a genius bit of video from Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch played at SDCC2013, series co-creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, along with producer Sue Vertue, gave the packed house a bit of a hint as to what’s in store for Sherlock fans worldwide in series 3. Stay away from the light if you don’t want to know. But, watch the video as Benedict explains brilliantly how Sherlock survives the rooftop fall from St Barts…using a stuffed monkey, obviously.

***Cue Sherlock 3 SPOILER ALERT bits***

Hot off the presses from a hundred years ago: John does get married and so the clip centers around a touching, funny scene in which Watson is asking Sherlock to be his best man. After some trademark tangents from Sherlock on what, exactly, makes a ‘best man’, he says ‘I’m your best man?’ ‘You are my best friend,’ Watson replies,” said Moffat. With that, the hall collapsed into a chorus of a collective “awww.”

Citing things would be “…slightly more human, and slightly more real”, Moffat then went on to explain the devastating impact the rooftop fall had on Watson. “Sherlock and John reuniting is the show-stopper of the episode”, Moffat says, calling their reunion an ‘electrifying‘ and ‘lengthy sequence‘ and might just be his favorite ever Sherlock moment.

Other bits of Sherlock 3 spoiler gold from Comic-Con….

  • During the discussion of the possibility of  Holmes’ much speculated love life, Moffat laughed and said ““A girlfriend? He’d poison a girlfriend just to see if it worked.
  • Also confirmed was that Andrew Scott would be returning, but that Moriarity, whom he played, was definitely dead. Moffat further explained the complexities behind the character’s demise. “He shoots himself in the brains. You don’t come back from that.
  • Moffat, once again, confirmed that the mystery of Holmes’ death is easily solvable from clues provided so far. “There’s only so many ways you can fall off a roof and survive. It’s not black magic.
  • Finally, co-creator/writer Mark Gatiss discussed Sherlock’s assistant Molly. “Molly was not meant to be a big part, initially,” Gatiss said, then elaborating that the pair’s relationship had become “touching” and that Molly was one of the only people Sherlock trusted.

I’m in for Sherlock 3, how about you?

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