First telly trailer for 'Sherlock 3'!

It’s here. The first :26 seconds of promotion gold that Sherlock fans around the world have been waiting for. Put more simply, it’s the reason telly was invented. The first look at the trailer for series 3 of Sherlock.

Hartswood West for BBC Cymru Wales. In co-production with MASTERPIECE.

Over the past several weeks, as we continue to get closer by the day to the series 3 premiere on BBC One and PBS, Sherlock fans have been taunted, teased and had patience tested with spoilers, rumors and cast additions. While both Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss continue to lead viewers to believe that there are clues in the series 2 finale, “The Reichenbach Fall”, as to how Sherlock survives, some fans point to a 1998 Jonathan Creek episode, ‘The Problem at Gallows Gate’. In the episode, a young man leaps from a second-floor balcony in front of stunned guests at a house party in the country. He’s pronounced dead at the scene and his body is taken away in an ambulance, but he’s later seen strangling a woman to death. So, clearly, his own death was faked. Right?

The final episode, “His Last Vow”, began principle filming this week

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