It's official! Sept 22 is Downton Day in the UK!

A picture is worth a thousand words refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. With that phrase in mind, the announcement the world has been waiting for was made on the official Downton Abbey Twitter account last night proclaiming that as of Saturday, there were a mere 22 days left until “Downton Day” with the premiere of Downton Abbey 4 set for Sunday, 22 September on ITV1. Calm down U.S. readers, we’re talking to UK readers only at this point.

Before all non-UK readers attach themselves to the ceiling and refuse to come down until 2014, here for all the world to see is the first full trailer for Downton Abbey 4! Guess we now know who the Dowager Countess was talking to in last week’s teaser.

No need to say anything more, is there…unless you’d like to know that, coincidentally, on the same date in 1955, in the UK, the television channel ITV went live for the first time. And you thought it was just Downton Day.

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