'Downton Abbey' ready to meet the Roaring 20's head on

Downton Abbey 4 spoilers…kind of

With creator/writer Lord Julian Fellowes promising a significant change for the fourth season of Downton Abbey, the old-fashioned “world in which Downton began” will be transformed into the modern era of motor cars, movies, and music.

As most of the planet is aware, next Sunday’s long-awaited series 4 UK premiere begins six months after the still shocking death of the heir to Downton and Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) in mourning for her late husband Matthew. Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) seems to be finding herself this series abandoning her resentful middle sister mindset and venturing into a more “bohemian lifestyle” and experiencing the “thrill of rebellion”.

Lady Edith not afraid of Virginia Woolf

The first episode of the show can be seen embracing lover Michael Gregson, in the hopes he will divorce his wife and allow her to hang out with artists and write. Trying to escape the Downton stuffiness, Lady Edith attends a party with the ‘Bloomsbury Set’, meeting real-life literary figure, Virginia Woolf, played by actress Christina Carty.

While the first three series of Downton played out amidst historical events like the sinking of the Titanic, World War I and the influenza epidemic of 1919, the introduction of real individuals fits within the framework of the new series and its focus on the vibrant culture of the era. Creator Julian Fellows told the Telegraph, “The fourth season is more about getting into the ’20s: what young people wanted, the changes in music, the arrival of the movies, cars, transport and all of that stuff.

UK, it’s time to start your Downton Abbey 4 countdown calendar for next Sundays series 4 premiere on ITV. Don’t be afraid to tell everyone stateside what’s in store for us beginning January 5, 2014 on PBS. We’ll be waiting.

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