The Downton Abbey Effect

You can already drink wine like the Crawleys. Thanks to Marks and Spencer, everyone can now have lips as red and hands as soft as Lady Mary.

Could Grey be the new Black?

And, now, you can decorate your house to look just like the imposing stately home, too. Two shades of grey paint, Empire Grey and Amber Grey, courtesy of Mylands of London, have been specifically developed and are now on sale to the public, so all of us ‘downstairs folk’ can paint our kitchen cabinets to look just like Mrs Patmore’s territory. Who knows…

Downton Abbey makes for strange bedfellows

As the Downton Abbey-nation in the UK awaits the return of the ITV period drama this Sunday at 9:00pm, the online marketplace eBay has noticed a surge in sales of Downton Abbey style decor as the countdown to the show’s fourth series continues with purchases of four-poster beds having doubled in a month.
Downton Abbey inspires surge in sales of four poster beds

It’s not just beds fit for the Dowager Countess, however, that fans are desperate to get your hands on. According to the eBay, chandeliers and candelabras have been 20% more popular since the build up to the new series began at the beginning of August, while sales of ornate serving platters are up by 30% and the number of dressing screens sold has risen 35%.

Finally, for your listening pleasure, the Downton Abbey official soundtrack includes the theme song WITH WORDS…

Gloucester-born Mary-Jess Leaverland, who first came to public attention in 2009 after winning the Chinese singing contest Min Xing Chang Fan Tian (or in English: I Want to Sing to the Stars), sings the theme to Downton Abbey, which was written by John Lunn with lyrics by Don Black.

Now, is everyone ready for the premiere on Sunday night on ITV? How about January 5 in the U.S.?

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