Downton Abbey 4 – No wagering, please!

Being at the Venetian in Las Vegas several years ago prior to the Super Bowl and seeing that I could place a wager on the first person to fumble in the great game, I came to the realization that, in America, you could pretty much bet on anything. Apparently, this mentality has finally crept across the pond as bookies in the UK have set their sites on everyone’s favorite period drama, Downton Abbey, offering odds on who has a target on their back to become the next Lady Sybil or Matthew Crawley.
Downton Abbey's Bates

At 3:1, Bates may have left prison, but conventional wisdom/speculation says that life for the big guy isn’t going to be that safe at Downton in the coming weeks. Everyone’s favorite/not-so-favorite under butler Thomas Barrow, is next in line at 7:1 with the Dowager Countess running a close third at 8:1 according to William Hill, the UK’s top betting site and world’s biggest bookmaker.
Dowager Countess

Downton Abbey fans may be beside themselves with the unthinkable thought of a possible series 5 without Lady Violet, but creator/writer Julian Fellowes may have no choice (let’s not forget Dan Stevens, a.k.a. Matthew Crawley). Before anyone runs out of the room intent on spreading that rumor around, it’s not even a rumor at this point so not to worry. Lady Violet’s son, The Earl of Grantham is next in line for the kill at 10:1, while Downton’s cook Mrs Patmore is a bit safer with 12:1 odds.
Lady Mary and Branson on Downton Abbey

Lady Edith, who seems ready to abandon her resentful middle sister mindset, can breathe a sigh of relief. With odds of 33:1 and a new outlook on life, there seems to be very little chance that she’ll meet a grisly end in series four. At 25:1 odds, Branson and Lady Mary both seem fairly safe, too, which seems only fair as it would be a bit cruel to kill off baby Sybil and baby George’s remaining parents. Curiously, there’s no mention of Carson…

How about you. Who do you think will not see the light of day in Downton Abbey 5?

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