Introducing…Doctor Puppet


There are some things that exist on the Internets that need no introduction. Doctor Puppet happens to be close to, if not at, the top of the list. Brooklyn based fan and animator Alisa Stern is behind the brilliant Doctor Puppet series, which follows the adventures of the Doctor(s) rendered in stop motion. The stop motion process is massively painstaking which makes this all the more unbelievably cool. For more information on just how Alisa created the series, click here. The equally as brilliant score was done by Scott Ampleford. Enjoy.

How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas

Doctor Puppet Ep1 – The Red X

The Doctor Puppet finds a strange note on his TARDIS that leads him on a mysterious adventure. Who will he meet along the way?

Doctor Puppet Ep2 – The Conjunction of Eleven

In episode 2 of Doctor Puppet, the Doctor discovers that the mystery of the letter is much bigger than he imagined, and might involve some unexpected characters.

Doctor Puppet Ep3 – The Doctor in the Garden

In episode 3 of Doctor Puppet, the Doctor travels into his own past to make sure it’s still safe.

Doctor Puppet Ep4 – Smoke and Mirrors

In episode 4 of Doctor Puppet, the Doctor finds a familiar enemy in a strange place.

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