'The Wrong Mans' Rule #1: Next time, don't answer the phone…

The Wrong Mans Rule #1 – After witnessing a horrific car crash on a desolate country road, never ever answer the dead driver’s ringing mobile. If only Sam Pinkett had read rule #1.

Blessed with both laziness and lack of ambition, Sam (Mathew Baynton) spends his days as a lowly Town Planning and Noise Guidance Advisor at Berkshire County Council. His buddy, Phil Bourne (James Corden), works in the mailroom at the County Council building. While Sam’s life is boring and painful, Phil longs for some excitement and adventure beyond what the mailroom has to offer.

Created by and starring James Corden (Gavin & Stacey) and Mathew Baynton (Horrible Histories, Spy), last nights premiere of The Wrong Mans on BBC Two, where Sam failed to follow rule #1, the two well-meaning idiots and viewers alike were immediately tossed into a world of crime, international conspiracy and corruption.

Reminiscent of the BBC’s earlier online greatness with Being Human, the coolness experience is ramped up a bit with additional online content added each week as an extension to each episode. Noel Ward (Tom Basden), the nosy, irritating work colleague from Berkshire County Council who sits at the desk opposite Sam and is the bane of his existence, has his own storyline that UK viewers can access via The Red Button and online.

After every episode, Noel will release a new section from his dossier of evidence he’s gathered on Sam, as he begins to notice his colleague’s strange behavior and starts to suspect the plot he’s involved in. As you will see, Noel’s first efforts to out Sam starts by interviewing work colleagues. You can also check out Noel’s blog diary as he attempts to obtain any information that might be used in any future disciplinary proceedings and/or courtroom dramas.

The Wrong Mans airs Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC Two and will come stateside on Hulu Plus in November. Well worth checking out.

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