Sherlock in LEGO anyone?

For my money, if it’s good enough for the Winchester Pub, it has to be good enough for Sherlock. With over 10,000 votes of support, the thought of a LEGO version of the BBC/PBS Sherlock is a bit closer to reality…only a bit, unfortunately, as the LEGO Group and the Cuusoo team still have to consider and vote on the possibility.
Sherlock in Lego 1

Brilliantly created by Flailx, a.k.a. Peter Hale, the Sherlock LEGO design exists at present in two different scales, with the 630 piece expanded version featuring Sherlock’s couch and iconic wallpaper along with a full range of LEGO mini-figures of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mrs Hudson, Jim Moriarty, Molly Hooper, DI Lestrade and Mycroft Holmes.

The smaller set, containing 370 pieces and featuring Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock’s landlady, recreates the consultation room from 221B Baker St. Designed with the adult fan of the series (and LEGO’s, of course) in mind, the room is packed with books and features two comfortable chairs, a cozy fireplace and Holmes’ desk with reading lamp. There is also a side table with teapot, and a hat rack topped with the iconic Deer Stalker.
Sherlock in Lego - the Consultation room

As one can imagine, the Sherlock fan base got the attention of the LEGO CUUSOO Team by reaching the required 10,000 votes in a mere 26 days. 10,000 supporters is key as that’s where the review stage of CUUSOO kicks in, with LEGO officially looking into whether they’d create a set based on the idea or not. It would be slotted into the review for Winter 2013 as there’s a currently a lengthy backlog of supported projects awaiting LEGO’s judgement.

In the meantime…enjoy until the ‘official’ LEGO set becomes a reality, he said confidently.

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