Missing 'Hebburn' Christmas script found…and returned spoiler free!

Christmas has came early for Hebburn creator Jason Cook recently when 11-year-old twins Serena and Lauren Short and their pal Katie Luke, 13, found a top secret stack of papers lying on the ground near Hebburn Cricket Club this past week. The top secret script included storylines for the eagerly-awaited Hebburn holiday special.
Cast of BBC Two hit comedy Hebburn

In todays age of internet spoilers coupled with a ‘can’t wait to post on Twitter or Facebook mentality’, Cook has hailed the honesty of the three St Joseph’s Catholic Academy pupils and pledged to meet them in person to offer his thanks. Parents of the twin girls, Janine and Colin Short, who live in Hebburn, said: “My daughters were out taking the dog for a walk when they saw the papers lying on the ground at Hebburn Cricket Club.

The Hebburn teens seemed more excited about the fact that a the BBC Two comedy was set and filmed in their home town and the possibility of meeting some of the cast more so than wanting to spread the news of what they found. Serena said: “We were out with the dog and looking to see if the film crew were still around when we noticed the pieces of paper on the ground. When we picked it up we realized it was the script.” Lauren said: “When we saw it was the script we were really excited. It’s been hard not to tell anyone what’s in it.” Katie added: “It’s great to have a TV show about our town and we got some photos of the cast when they were down during the week.” The Shields Gazette interviewed the three St Joseph’s Catholic Academy pupils following their recent find.

If you are not familiar with the BBC Two hit comedy, you need to be. Not only did it prove to be a ratings hit but it was nominated for best comedy in the National TV awards and was voted the Best New TV Sitcom in the Comedy.co.uk Awards held by the British Comedy Guide.

The first series of Hebburn tells the story of Jack, played by South Shields comic Chris Ramsey, who comes back to South Tyneside from Manchester. He has secretly married middle-class Jewish girl Sarah, played by Kimberley Nixon, and brought her back home to meet his family, which includes parents played by Gina McKee and Jim Moir (Vic Reeves).

Public television fans of British comedy in the U.S. can look forward to seeing Hebburn in early 2014. UK audiences can look for the Christmas special this holiday season with a second series set to premiere in 2014.

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