At long last, 'Spooks/MI-5' movie in the works for 2014

In another ‘Christmas comes early’ moment for fans of brilliant telly, word came down yesterday that the long-rumored Spooks movie is in the works. Known as MI5 in the States when broadcast on public television stations, the brilliant spy drama series which had an incredible 10-series/9 year run on BBC 1 has always been, in my mind palace, the best television on television. Ok, maybe I made that comment “BS”, as in before Sherlock, but still…
Harry Pearce returns for Spooks film

Peter Firth, who seemed to always manage to escape the choir invisible more times than the law allows, will reprise his role as MI5 chief and Head of Counterterrorism, Harry Pearce, with production set to begin in early 2014. Spooks: The Greater Good picks up right where the series left off in the suspense department as terrorist Adam Qasim escapes from under MI5 noses during a handover to the head of counter-terrorism (surprise!). The blame is placed solely on the shoulders of Pearce, who then mysteriously disappears one night off a bridge into the Thames. Unfortunately, for Harry, there’s no turning to Tom, Adam, Lucas, Ros or Erin this time around for help. This leaves his protégé, Will Crombie, to help uncover a conspiracy extending from Vietnam to the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, in typical Spooks fashion, a devastating attack back home on London is imminent. Cue: suspense.

Besides Firth, who appeared in all 86 episodes of the series, the big-screen adaptation will also see original series director Bharat Nalluri (Torchwood, Hustle, regular series writers Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent and will be produced by Jane Featherstone and Stephen Garrett who were at the helm of the TV series.

Other cast members have not been announced but one can only hope that Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) will be featured prominently.

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