Sherlock composer raises the 'epic quotient' for series 3

Given all the endless questions circling the Internets concerning Sherlock Holmes’ series 2 ender leap off the rooftop of St Barts Hospital, how can you possibly up the ‘epic ante’ when it comes to the forthcoming BBC/PBS series 3 of Sherlock? Anticipation for the early 2014 return (January 19 on PBS/early January on BBC One) is already at epic proportions but composer Michael Price promises more strings, more tears and, well, more epicness.

As Anglophenia so eloquently reminds us, we should all offer our sincere thanks to Michael Price and David Arnold, film composers, for upping the anticipated epicness. Price tweeted a brilliantly simple but artfully arranged crossed pair of batons while explaining that as far as he is concerned, series 3 of Sherlock is all about three things: violins, emotion and enormity.
_Sherlock_ Composer Promises _More Epicness_ | Anglophenia | BBC America

As we have always contended, good telly starts and ends with good writing. Actors will forever agree that it all begins with a good script. And while good acting, especially in the case of Sherlock with the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey, Rupert Graves and Mark Gatiss, is essential, the package wouldn’t be complete without a brilliant editor and a genius composer. The composer is at the heart of the story having to represent everything that is happening emotionally, carefully to not give away the plot or ruin any surprises.

Lest you forget the importance of the music soundtrack for Sherlock, have  a listen…

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