'An Adventure in Space and Time' trailer gold!

Another day, another bit of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary gold. This time, it’s in the form of the first video trailer for the upcoming Mark Gatiss biopic, An Adventure in Space and Time. The clip features David Bradley as the First Doctor actor William Hartnell along with Brian Cox and Jessica Raine as the BBC staff who helped create the series. Raine, who stars as Jenny Lee in the BBC drama, Call the Midwife, is brilliant as the original Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert. Her description of the Traveling Time Lord as ‘…HG Wells meets Father Christmas‘ is spot on.

What is evident even from the short trailer is Gatiss’ absolute love for all things Doctor Who. As with his affection for Sherlock, you can’t make this up and, in both cases, is the reason for the sheer brilliance of each. An Adventure in Space and Time will transmit on Thursday, November 21 at 9pm on BBC Two with a BBC America broadcast to follow.

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