Sherlock Returns! 1.19.14

Time has passed. Two years to be exact. “The terror alert has been raised to critical and an attack is coming“, says Mycroft. With the new teaser trailer that has been released for the forthcoming series of Sherlock, it’s abundantly clear that it’s just not right that television can be this good. Let’s just get right to it and stop talking…

UK readers remember to mark your calendars for Christmas Day. As if you don’t already have a mountain of great telly to watch that day, now you have one more to add to the mix with the Sherlock mini-episode that is set to transmit on 25 Dec and then the longer-than-the-law-should-allow wait is over on 1 January with the premiere of Sherlock “The Empty Hearse”.

U.S. fans, don’t get too cranky. The premiere of Sherlock “The Empty Hearse” on PBS’ Masterpiece is just around the corner on Sunday, January 19, 2014. Be there.

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