Check out this interactive SHERLOCK 3 promo trailer!

Ok, this is just about the coolest thing on Planet Earth. The BBC just released an interactive version of the Sherlock 3 teaser/trailer that while it’s mainly the same footage as the BBC One trailer, there is some embedded greatness. If you click at the right time on the words, “I want to know why”, “person that mattered most”, he’s got on with his life”, “an attack is coming” and “get to know London again” several exclusive show clips from series 3 are revealed.
Sherlock Series 3

As we are all acutely aware, the Sherlock 3 story picks up two years after the events of last season’s finale and reveals that Sherlock faked his own death to save the lives of Watson, landlady Mrs Hudson and Detective Inspector Lestrade. Had Sherlock been seen to survive, Moriarty would have had them all killed by assassins but as the villain is no more, his ‘resurrection’ is safe.

A exclusive embedded feature in the interactive trailer maps out a possible method for Sherlock’s dazzling illusion while another emphasizes the hero’s egoism as he utters the line “What life? I’ve been away”, after learning that Watson has left Baker Street and moved on with a new love interest.

Interactive viewers can then follow Sherlock into a restaurant to surprise Watson, hear him learn from his brother Mycroft that ‘an attack is coming’ and be introduced to possible new villain Charles Augustus Magnussen as he opens a case, enters a code into a keypad, turns a key and presses a button that can’t possibly activate anything that is good for us.

This is more brilliance than the law should allow, no questions asked. Click on the interactive trailer link and give it a go. And, remember, January is so close…


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