PBS to 'Unlock Sherlock' on 1.12.14

One week to the day before the long-awaited/highly-anticipated premiere of the new third series of Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery!, PBS will go behind-the-scenes to uncover the genius underlying the modern incarnation of the world’s most famous consulting detective and most-portrayed literary character in the history of the big and small screen, Sherlock Holmes. On Sunday, January 12 at 10pm ET/9pm CT, Unlocking Sherlock comes to PBS, immediately following the second episode of the other long-awaited/highly-anticipated series return, Downton Abbey.
Sherlock 3

In Unlocking Sherlock, find out how writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss created the television worldwide phenomenon that is Sherlock, taking Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original adventures of the Victorian super sleuth and transforming them into a worldwide sensation.

Ultimate fanboys, Steven and Mark will take viewers through the various versions of Holmes that have inspired them – the original stories, the factual inspirations, the thousands of film versions – to arrive at the thoroughly modern Sherlock. The program will also go behind the scenes on set with the stars of Sherlock, featuring interviews with lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (John Watson), and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Given the picture below, going BTS on the set of Sherlock will be well worth the price of admission.
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman clowning on set of Sherlock

If you’d like to get in a little light reading and pass the time until January, check out John Watson’s personal blog and Sherlock Holmes’ homepage, The Science of Deduction. And, finally, if you happened to have missed the first full-length trailer for the return of Sherlock…Cheers.


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