Downton Abbey – The Historical Oracle

As we press ahead towards the day that all America has had circled their calendars since February 2012 when that still shocking conclusion to series 3 of Downton Abbey broadcast on PBS, it’s time to meet some of the folks that are behind the camera who are responsible for what has become the highest-rated drama in the history of PBS. Up first is Downton Abbey‘s historical advisor Alastair Bruce. Discover why the cast calls him The Oracle. Bruce seems genuinely touched with his cast given moniker. After all, he says, they could have called him The Nightmare or The Mosquito as he is a constant in everyone’s ear during filming.

As the historical advisor for Downton Abbey, one can only imagine the one-liner on his CV that would have landed him this position. Something like I know everything about everything comes to mind. According to Bruce, his is a simple job. It’s “…to make sure that every detail is as close as we can make it, in style, character and performance to the period“.

So, thanks to Alastair Bruce and all his efforts behind then lens. Think about Bruce on January 5, 2014 when Downton returns to the airwaves on January 5, 2014 on PBS.

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