#SherLEGO Lives!

Aside from the precious few that were in attendance at the recent BFI screening of the premiere episode of Sherlock 3, the rest of the planet are in the unenviable position of taking anything ‘Sherlock’ we can get in the way of pics, trailers or rumors. On the heels of the announcement that “The Empty Hearse” would transmit on 1 January on BBC One and January 19 on PBS, last Sunday’s release of the first official trailer for the premiere episode was met with more excitement than the law should allow. We get our first glimpse of not only Sherlock, who has been removed from London for two years, but are faced (as is Sherlock) with a visual of an empty 221b Baker Street as everyone has moved on. Sadly, all it did was amplify how much I’m waiting for January 19.

With the never-ending need to feed the #SherlockLives beast, wireWAX came up with an interactive version of the BBC trailer which embedded additional video content from the actual series. Brilliant, yet all it did, again, was make me wish tomorrow was January 19.


Now, it’s LEGO’s turn to tease us until the premiere. There is a brilliant LEGO version of the BBC One trailer, complete with Watson sporting his post-Sherlock-life moustache. Check out the picture-in-picture in the trailer and compare the original teaser and the LEGO trailer. Photos, hearse driving around London, series trailer, interactive trailer, LEGO trailer. What could possibly be next from the Sherlock group that not only has created brilliant television but also knows how to market it. Can’t wait to find out.

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